Our long term vision for the farm is to have a total integrated farm that is truly sustainable and profitable both in crop production as well as livestock production. We also believe that by striving to achieve our vision, we are able to help our people develop their knowledge in sustainable farming and thus indirectly improving their way of live both in material and spiritual sense. It is not all about quantity more so about quality which is what we are aiming for all the time.

Did You Know?
Many organic farms grow old regional varieties of crops which are hardy and perfectly suited to the area. At our farm, our vegetables consist of fruiting vegetables such as chillies, brinjals (egg-plant) and ladies' fingers as well as a host of leafy local vegetables such as bak choy, baby kailan etc. We do not use any pesticides or chemical treatments on our vegetables and the planting areas are supplemented with our own in house compost made up from our own chicken litter.