Our long term vision for the farm is to have a total integrated farm that is truly sustainable and profitable both in crop production as well as livestock production. We also believe that by striving to achieve our vision, we are able to help our people develop their knowledge in sustainable farming and thus indirectly improving their way of live both in material and spiritual sense. It is not all about quantity more so about quality which is what we are aiming for all the time.

Did You Know?
Our chickens have free access to fresh pasture, clean air, stress-free environment and clean water in movable coops. They are supplemented by organic feed which is freshly produced.In line with organic principles, are chicken are free roaming and left to their natural environment, thus ensuring our birds are stress-free. Using these management methods, we increase immune system of livestock.

Day-old chicks are sourced from a reliable hatchery and are not vaccinated. Upon arrival at farm, chicks are placed in a warm, dry and clean brooder houses and fed organically. They are then granted limited access to pasture after 1 week before being moved out to pasture after 3 weeks. After 60 days, the chickens are ready for the market. The chickens are processed on-farm by our own processing team to minimise stress on the animal thereby increasing the quality of the meat.

Twice daily, the chickens receive the best of nourishment in the form of freshly prepared vegetarian feeds consisting of organic beans, corns, herbs and insects. As a result, our chickens have a distinctive thoroughly desirable taste and tender meat, which our loyal customers dare to testify to. The characteristic of our chicken meat is firm, tender and juicy with a tinge of good fat which is testimony to the good feed and stress less environment the chickens are in. Our chickens come in various sizes and cuts.