The Farm

In everything we do at Pure Farms, we try to emulate nature as much as possible. Weedkillers and pesticides are forbidden at Pure Farms. Our farming system, developed over 15 years of accumulative knowledge follows the Natural Cycle of Organism. The waste from livestocks are recycled back into the ground for crops. The fruits from the crops are fed to the livestocks. Nothing goes to waste. We are continually improving this Cycle System, for example, we are finding new uses for the feathers of the chickens that are processed.

  • We try to maintain a fully self sustainable farming system.
  • We grow corn, soybeans, mung beans and peanuts to feed to our livestocks.
  • In order to increase efficiency, we utilize machineries to plow, plant, harvest the crops.
  • Post harvest processing

Freshness of feed is important. Our livestocks are fed from freshly grounded corn/soya/beans mixture. As we do not use preservatives, our feed are ground fresh almost every other day.