About Us

Who are we?

We are basically a bunch of crazy self – taught modern day sustainable farming practitioners with a burning desire to produce really wholesome good tasting fresh produce without the usage of harmful pesticides whilst making sure we don’t piss off mother – nature too much. She does come back spanking when we do.


What do we do?

We currently produce the best tasting chicken this side of the Borneo under the label PURE POULTRY and this is in no way a self-proclamation.  This is achieved through serious innovation and out of the box thinking many a times, coupled with always a tight budget, one has to always innovate.  As the saying goes “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, hence our chickens eat the freshest homemade feed made out of home grown corn and soybean which is 100% pesticide free (or we’ll give your money back)!!!! Oh by the way, besides that we also go into mundane things like planting pesticide free vegetables etc.


Where are we going?

We would dearly love to go to another planet and try our hands at sustainable farming but we think it’s too costly at the moment. Might need to sell a lot of chickens to get there. So in the meantime our long – term vision (haven’t really figured how long actually) for the farm is to have a total integrated farm that is truly sustainable and profitable both in crop production as well as livestock production. Ultimately none of this would matter if what we do does not mean anything to people or benefit them in any way.  If we can improve the lives of our customers or anyone that consumes our products then that’s the ultimate trip that we would want to be on.  At least we can say “ah, the chicken lived a purposeful life” instead of being produced in a battery farm no different to say making rubber slippers.